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Have you wondered how to weigh dabs? Concentrates are notoriously difficult to dose, but Stache has taken on the challenge and created the Stache DigiTul digital scale and dab tool. This handheld mini-scale measures 0.00g, making it easy to see how much wax sits on the end of the device.

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Weight3 g
Dimensions5 × 2 × 8 cm


Each package includes a steel shovel tip that attaches to the top of the scale with a magnet. In addition, the scale has a groove to comfortably fit fingers underneath. The DigiTul makes dosing concentrates a stress-free process that lets customers know exactly how much they’re ingesting.

There are tons of different forms and textures of concentrates, so dosing is a consistent issue for most users. The DigiTul is the first device of its kind. This tool neatly handles concentrates with the shovel tip, while deciphering exactly how much rests on the tip. There’s no guessing how potent the dab will be if it can be measured first.

This tool can make dabs a lot less scary for new users who don’t have the experience to know how much they can comfortably take at once. The DigiTul does require 2 AAA batteries that are not included. Once batteries have been loaded, press and hold the On/Off-Tare button for 3 seconds to power it up. Keep the tool still until the screen sets to 0.00. Then load the product onto the tool and place the DigiTul on a flat surface to get an accurate reading. The tip is connected to the scale by a magnet. Easily remove the tip once the reading is complete to load the dab into the hot banger.

The Stache DigiTul scale and tool is an innovative device that makes it easy to measure concentrates in single dose quantities.
The DigiTul’s scale is accurate and measures to 0.00g. Two decimal places are sufficient for dosing concentrates.
The DigiTul is straightforward and simple to use. Press the On/Off button for 3 seconds, keep the tool still until it reads “0.00”, then load the dab onto the dabber tip and place the device on a flat surface until the scale sets on the weight.
The Stache DigiTul is a versatile tool that can be used with all sorts of concetrates. Make sure to break a piece off of a hard slab of shatter to avoid damaging the scale’s sensor by jabbing it against a hard surface. It can also be used to weigh kief pollen.

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1 Stache DigiTul Dab Tool with Digital Scale – Black


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