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9 Tips on how to make a bong hit less harsh

how to make a bong hit less harsh

Bongs are one of the commonest smoking approaches. While bongs are widely loved for their cooler hits, many users still complain of too harsh sensations.

Of course, any form of irritation is bound to irritate the respiratory tract with resultant coughs. But there are ways to get smoother hits.

Whether you’re just finding your footing in the cannabis world or a bong user looking for a less harsh smoking experience, here are some handy tips to note (How to make bong hits less harsh) on your next session:

1. Add some ice

Adding ice is one trusted way to get smoother bong hits.

One disadvantage, however, is that the ice may quickly melt and become more water to drain from your bong.

So while a piece of ice may come in handy in a pinch, there are better ways around it.

2. Use glycerin Coils

Here’s a relatively new discovery in the cannabis world. These coils are a glass-made detachable component added to your bong.

The glass is left in the freezer before use. The detachable glass chamber contains glycerin and has additional coils, which pave the way for smoke as you puff.

This component leaves your bong cooler far longer than the ice option. While some bongs originally come with glycerin coils, you can buy them separately if you have bongs without this feature.

3. Mint may help

You mustn’t necessarily cough while smoking.

Dry mouth and throat (an effect of smoking) are what causes the cough. While drinking and smoking at the same time may not appeal to all smokers, there are other ways around it.

When smoking, consider having gum or mint in your mouth. This keeps your mouth moisturized as it allows you to salivate, hence reducing the chances of coughing.

4. Check the water content

With bongs, your water level is a critical consideration. How much water you have in your bong can make a real difference to your smoking experience.

Remember, the water actually makes the bong what it is – otherwise, it’d be but just another glass pipe.

Typically, the down stem should be filled with water; this allows for a smoother effect, as the water cools the heat from the bong.

5. Grind your weed finely

Where there are no grinders, it’s completely okay to break up your weed with scissors. But for the finest burn, a grinder is essential.

Well-ground weed burns slowly and evenly, compared to bigger buds. However, avoid grinding your buds too much that it gets dusty.

6. Let it flow out

After your drag, release the smoke wholly but slowly. Coughs while smoking is usually caused by some smoke remaining in the lung after an exhale and talking as the smoke flows through the vocal cords.

Ensure you exhale deeply and completely.

Better still, you can let out the smoke in halves – exhale a portion, inhale a bit and pass out the rest. This way, clean air comes in to help push out the remaining smoke.

7. Take note of the bowl capacity

How big or small your bowl matters a whole lot.

If you desire huge hits, opt for a small bowl. For smaller hits, go for a big bowl.

Bigger bowls allow for more airflow and, in turn, more concentrated smoke and a better burn. Conversely, smaller bowls allow less airflow and hence produce less concentrated smoke.

8. Take off the bowl gradually

Regardless of the reason, removing your bowl too fast may cause you more harm than good.

Detaching your bowl causes smoke to go through the bong, right into your throat and lungs.

Ideally, the bowl should be removed gradually rather than instantaneously, allowing the smoke to flow through with less force. This way, your lung processes the smoke at a reasonable pace.

9. Breathe down after a hit

You want to take advantage of every bit of your herb. A way around this is to reduce wastes. Remember that excess smoke that does not go into the lungs may get into your throat and turn out an irritant.

To avoid wasting your herbs and a possible irritation, take in fresh air at the end of your hit to pushes the smoke into your lungs, while introducing some fresh air.

Wrap up of How to make bong hits less harsh

If you check these 9 boxes on your next [or perhaps first] smoking session, your smoking crew will swear you’ve been gathering some pro experience for years.

It’s really not how long, but well – not the tolerance built but the technique used.

Remember, no use holding your smoke too long just to adsorb the desirable chemical properties in your weed – it takes about a second to pick out the THC concentration from your smoke. So, holding your hits a bit longer does not cause any additional good effect; it can only leave your lungs more irritated.

That said, no matter how well filtered, smoke releases a truckload of chemicals – besides THC – when lit.

Conversely, although a relatively new concept, research and common knowledge perceive vaping [being fireless and smokeless] releases but less harmful effects. Besides, a big hit from your vape may go down smoothly than an equal size of smoke.


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