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The best way to store Cannabis

the best way to store cannabis
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If you’re asking, “how do I store cannabis?”

Then, the chances are that you’re looking to improve your cannabis experience or simply concerned about storage as you begin your cannabis journey.

Either way, cannabis storage isn’t rocket science. The storage dos and don’ts can be as basic as it gets. But the rules may slightly vary across lifestyle, budget, climate, and aesthetic design.

You’d be disappointed looking for an expiring date on cannabis packages – there’s no such thing.

Cannabis is a natural herb with natural preservatives. So, your weed’s shelf life is widely dependent on individual storage patterns.

To keep your buds smelling and tasting fresh, here are some pro tips to consider:

No plastic storage

Packing your nugs in a plastic bag isn’t the right storage idea.

For one, you may be crushing your buds and, in turn, destroying the potent trichrome and leaving your plant weak.

Besides, in plastic, the taste of your herbs diminishes over time. These plastic cases are not your best way to preserve the odor. Plus, it doesn’t look pleasant for atheistic.

Away from kids

While this may come off as a no-brainer, too often, many disregard this tip only to report the disturbing results.

If you’d ever have kids around your space, keep your weed out of their reach.

If you can’t keep this simple rule, perhaps you shouldn’t be using cannabis. Using weed, you have to consciously seek to protect those around you, particularly the kids.

Glass rules

Among preservative methods, nothing beats an airtight glass container. We’d recommend mason jars, as they are pretty easy to come by, and they sure do the magic.

Glasses keep your weed consistently for an extended period. Your buds stay intact – nothing comes in, nothing leaves.

In jars, your weed stays almost the same as long as it remains in, except with too-frequent openings and oxygen exposure.

Besides, glass has no scent that may interfere or even override your marijuana’s natural flavor.

A cool dark place cuts it

One disadvantage of jars, however, is their transparency – they take in light. To manage this, store your jars in a drawer, cupboard, or any place that remains consistently dark all day and less visited.

Again, exposure to sunlight may cause warmth in your glass, and in turn, sweat. This exposes your plant to mold.

Keep temperature and humidity in check

While the rule prefers cool dark storage, it’s often difficult to gauge how cool is cool enough.

Generally, storage temperature should stay under 70 degrees. Above this range, you may find mold in your weed.

Humidity also plays a crucial role in storage. Worse, it’s a bit more complicated to manage. The general rule says to keep marijuana under 60% humidity level. Mold may be an issue with humidity levels above 65%.

Do not refrigerate

Refrigeration is a valid no.

Extreme temperature/humidity ruins cannabis. When frozen, your bud’s brittles and the trichrome (which holds most of your THC) may drop off. This way, you’d be left with weak potency.

Storage Size counts

Before you settle for any jar, consider how much cannabis you wish to store in it. Preserving a small amount of weed in a large jar may let in too much oxygen, which could ruin your weed value.

So, as much as possible, ensure the weed amount matches the storage jar. You may consider smaller jars as your stash declines.

Don’t co-store strains

If you have multiple strains, store each strain in different jars. Adding up different strains in a single container ruin what makes your weed unique. Every strain comes with special characteristics, and keeping them separate will help maintain such uniqueness.

How long do marijuana herbs stay fresh?

As mentioned, there’s no such thing as an ‘expired’ weed. But remember, your smoke can lose quality over time and have some of its highly-sought compounds degraded to less desirable ones. If well dried, cured, and stored (as instructed above), your weed could maintain its freshness and quality for up to 6 months, sometimes over a year, before the potency and flavor decline gradually.

But poor storage can either make the herbs dry out faster or build molds.

Even with the best storage, the THC content may gradually decline or degrade into compounds like cannabinol (CBD) or lost its terpenes.

Can weed go bad?

While weed may never ‘expire,’ it can go bad because they become harmful to users.

Weed kept over time can be risky if left in harsh humid conditions and, consequently, develop molds. Such moldy weed becomes harsh and can cause cough and nauseous.  This can even make you sick, particularly for weakened immunity.

For this, go for cannabis dealers who test their products for molds and ensure you follow the instructions to the letter. If done rightly, you shouldn’t have mold worries.

Storing your weed brownies

The type of edible determines preferred storage. For pre-made cannabis-themed edibles, like THC chocolates or gummies, see the manufacturer’s instructions for storage guide and follow accordingly.

For your homemade pot brownies, consider them as you would your typical perishable food, considering ingredients like butter, eggs, and the like with finite shelf life.

Generally, cannabis-infused edibles do best in airtight containers and are placed in the refrigerator to avoid getting stale too soon. Cookies and brownies will be good in wax paper and kept in the freezer.

Unlike flowers, you won’t be losing any trichrome when edibles are refrigerated.

That said, ensure you label your cannabis edibles if you wish to store them in the fridge. While this sounds like a no-brainer, too often, children and visitors can mistake these edibles for everyday foods. And remember that kids do not tolerate cannabis as well as you (adults) do.

For store-bought edibles, allow them to remain in the original container for easier identification.

Summarily – dos and don’ts of weed storage


  • Store away from direct light
  • Prefer airtight containers
  • keep out of children’s reach
  • store in a cool dark place – drawers and cupboards work
  • glass jars work best
  • ensure your jar is clean and dry before you fill-up
  • consider humidity packs

Do not:

  • Store in plastic bags
  • Freeze or refrigerate
  • Expose to light
  • Roughly handle the buds
  • Open the storage more than necessary

At Monstrose Dispensary, we trust these tips to help your buds stay fresh for long without losing their potency, taste, or smell.

To learn more, explore and exploit our resources or discuss with our weed experts to hold you by the hand through your weed journey.

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